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Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Archaeology

GeoExplorer Impresa Sociale s.r.l. is an Innovative SME born thanks to the idea of researchers from the Center for GeoTechnologies (University of Siena) and the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences (University of Ferrara).

We have always been driven by a great passion for research and work and today we can offer the best technologies for underground exploration to private companies and public bodies. Our goal is to solve problems for the management and protection of natural and artificial resources, providing complete and immediately usable results.

Applied geophysics

Surface and borehole seismic, GPR, geoelectrics, magnetotellurics and TDEM, gravimetry and microgravimetry, multiparametric log
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Nuclear geophysics

Radon measurements, radioactivity measurements on rocks and building materials, gamma log, airborne radioactivity measurements
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Management of water resources, numerical modeling, pumping tests, groundwater vulnerability and impact assessments, environmental remediation, environmental Geology, geostatistics
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Archeology and cultural heritage

Archaeological monitoring, evaluation of archaeological risk, geophysical and geomatic applications
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