We are an "Innovative SME" made by people who passionately explore the subsoil. We develop and apply methods and technologies, happy to do it all over the world...


We founded Geoexplorer in January 2014 as an academic SpinOff to create an interdisciplinary group and to finalize subsoil research more effectively. The basic idea was to propose them in the sectors covered by our PhD studies. We have developed the qualification of "Innovative Start-up" for the first 5 years of activity, growing within CGT Group and the University Incubator of Cavriglia (AR). In this phase we have acquired the ability to operate on the market by our services and we have increased the volume of activities year after year. Today we are an "Innovative SME" with which we have consolidated our experience, developing over 90 projects in 13 different countries, participating as partner or sub-contractor in numerous research projects on European funds and investing every year in R&D by financing scholarships, grants and PhDs. We are operating in our 3 offices in San Giovanni V.no (AR), Cavriglia (AR) and Ferrara.


We are geologists, engineers and physicists, we have developed our skills within the University. Our training is based on PhD studies performed at the Center for GeoTechnologies (University of Siena) and the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences (University of Ferrara). During these research periods we specialized in the following sectors: Applied geophysics, Nuclear geophysics, Applied hydrogeology and exploration to support the archeology research. We are a group of young people with a strong predisposition for technological innovation: a part of us has developed a patent in the field of environmental monitoring of radioactivity and we are all continuously involved in the production of scientific papers.


"Methods and technologies for subsoil exploration". Our goal is to support you to solve problems related to subsoil and environment by the use of technologically advanced methodologies and equipment. To ensure you the best selection of these methods and technologies, we have chosen to work with a multidisciplinary team able to operate in various fields: spatial planning, environmental surveys, water research, slope stability studies, geology applied to engineering, mining prospecting and monitoring of natural radioactivity.


We are an ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) certified company, our staff is made up mostly of Post-docs and every year we invest in Research and Development by financing innovation projects and university study programmes: thanks to these requirements we work with the qualification of "Innovative SME" and we can ensure high-level services with significant tax breaks. We have increased our staff by recruitment channels linked to highly qualified personnel (we have recentely opened 3 positions by the "PhdITalents Project" for the recruitment of PhDs). With the other CGT Group companies and the Center for GeoTechnologies, we are part of the "Joint Research Laboratory for Geotechnologies applied to the environment - LCG" with which we coordinate and develop research aimed at the field of applied geology. We can count on the experience of qualified academic and professional collaborators, with whom we have carried out over 800 scientific projects all over the world.