We founded Geoexplorer in January 2014 as an academic SpinOff to create an interdisciplinary group and to finalize subsoil research more effectively

The basic idea was to propose them in the sectors covered by our PhD studies. We have developed the qualification of “Innovative Start-up” for the first 5 years of activity, growing within CGT Group and the University Incubator of Cavriglia (AR). In this phase we have acquired the ability to operate on the market by our services and we have increased the volume of activities year after year. Today we are an “Innovative SME” with which we have consolidated our experience, developing over 190 projects in 15 different countries, participating as partner or sub-contractor in numerous research projects on European funds and investing every year in R&D by financing scholarships, grants and PhDs.

We are operating in our 3 offices in San Giovanni V.no (AR), Cavriglia (AR) and Ferrara.