Terranuova B.ni (AR) - Italy

Georadar survey to support the design of the road variant at SRT n.69 to the A1 highway exit (2020)

Camaiore (LU) - Italy

Microgravimetric surveys to support II level seismic microzonation (2020)

Volterra (PI) - Italy

Geophysical survey (Seismic refraction and Down-hole) to support the design of the new tank (2020)

Sesto F.no (FI) - Italy

GPR survey for the search of underground services at Eli Lilly Italia (2020)

Ferrara - Italy

Environmental monitoring of radon gas (2020)

Maltignano (AP) - Italy

Geophysical investigation for cavity research in urban environment with geoelectric method (2D and 3D) and GPR method (2019-2020)

Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) - Italy

GPR survey for the search for underground utilities (2020)

INFN (Ferrara) - Italy

Geophysical characterization of the JUNO experiment site (Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory - China), 2019-2020

Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany (Italy)

Geophysical surveys at ENEL Green Power dams (2019-2020)

Alexandria in Egypt

Site supervision of geognostic activity (2019-2020)

Milan, Brescia - Italy

GPR survey for the search for underground utilities (2019)

Sesto F.no (FI) - Italy

GPR survey for the search for underground utilities at Eli Lilly Italia (2019)

Figline V.no - Florence (Italy)

GPR survey for the search for underground utilities (2019)

Firenze (Italy) - Italy

2019, GPR investigations for the underground services detection

Iglesias – Sud Sardegna (Italy)

2019, Geophysical approach by resistivity and chargeability method aimed at environment studies support

Bolognano – Pescara (Italy)

2019, Geophysical surveys (microgravimetrics and geoelectrics methods) aimed at identifying underground cavities

Manfredonia – Foggia (Italy)

2019, Microgravimetrics surveys for underground research cavities - SS.89 "Garganica"

Loc. Biancaiole (SI) - Italy

2019, Reflection seismic, magnetotellurics and borehole geophysical log for water research

Santa Barbara – Cavrliglia (AR) - Italy

2018-2019, Geoelectrics and sonic cross-hole surveys for slope stability study

Seravezza – Lucca (Italy)

2018-2019, Gpr survey to locate the contact between the altered layer and bedrock

Albiano Magra (MS), Massarosa (LU) e Castelnuovo di G.na (LU) - Italy

2018-2019, Environmental characterizations and hydrogeological studies aimed at delimiting the protection area for water wells

Valdarno Superiore -AR (Italy)

2018, Archaeological Study - "Arno Bike-lane" - San Giovanni Valdarno-Levane itinerary

Chianciano -SI (Italy)

Geophysical surveys to support the geotechnical study at the "Carpineto" farm

Castel Campagnano (CE) - Italy

2018, Geophysical surveys for slope stability (collapse of the municipal cemetery)

Sesto F.no (FI) - Italy

2018, Georadar survey to locate the underground services at the new Eli Lilly building

Monte Calamita – Isola d’Elba (LI) - Italy

2018, Hydrogeophysical study of the southern portion of Monte Calamita to evaluate the underground water resource

Kuwait City – Kuwait

2018, GPR surveys for underground utilities research

Kingdom of Bahrain

Supervision of geognostic activity on site (2018)

Figline Incisa V.no – Firenze (Italy)

Survey aimed at the preliminary verification of archaeological interest

Republic of the Philippines

Supervision of geognostic activity on site

McArthurGlen Outlet (Italy)

2018, Analysis bu GPR survey - Outlet in Serravalle Scrivia, Barberino, Noventa di Piave, Castelromano and Caserta

Cutigliano – Pistoia (Italy)

2018, Geophysical study of the landslide slope

Provincia di Firenze – Fiume Arno (Italy)

2018, Geophysical surveys to support the Final Project for re-functionalization of bridle on the the Arno river

Figline Incisa V.no (FI) - Autostrada A1 (Italy)

2018, Acquisition and processing of seismic data in the area of interest of the A1 roadway gallery

Seravezza, Lucca (Italy)

2017, Geophysical Log (optical BHTV) at the Trambiserra quarry for the geomechanical characterization of the rock mass

Pergine – Arezzo (Italy)

2018, Hydrogeological study of the area between Pergine and Laterina (AR) by hydrogeophysical technologies

Vada – Livorno (Italy)

Application of surface and borehole hydrogeophysical technologies aimed at the characterization and protection of the underground water resource

Cavriglia – Arezzo (Italy)

2018, Survey aimed at the preliminary study of the archaeological interest at the municipal road

Castagneto C.cci (LI) - Italy

2017-2018, Hydrogeophysical characterization of the northern portion of the coastal area of Marina di Castagneto Carducci

Seravezza, Lucca (Italy)

2017, Geophysical Log (optical BHTV) at the Trambiserra quarry for the geomechanical characterization of the rock mass

Firenze, Italy

2017, Analysis with GPR technique for the reconstruction of the underground network – Via Lorenzo il Magnifico

Fabbriche di Vallico (LU) - Italy

017-2018, Hydrogeological study in Loc. Valsozza with direct and indirect exploration for the evaluation of water potential

Suvereto, Livorno (Italy)

017, Archaeological supervision activities

Caldogno, Vicenza (Italy)

2017, Geoelectric surveys using a capacitive coupling georesistivimeter along a portion of the right bank of the Bacchiglione River

Figline V.no, Firenze (Italy)

2017-2018, Geophysical and geotechnical surveys to support geological, geotenic and geomorphological studies in the area of P.O. Serristori

Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania

2017-2019, Participation as a subcontractor at Horizon 2020 European Union project “FLOWERED

Terranuova B.ni (AR) - Italy

2017, Georadar and 3D geoelectric exploration aimed at identifying osteological material

Bibbona-Cecina (LI) - Italy

2017, Hydrogeological, geological and textural characterization of the soils for water resource

Toscana Costiera (Italy)

2017–2018, Overcoming qualitative criticalities and sustainable exploitation of underground water resources

Firenze, Autostrada A1 (Italy)

2016, Acquisition and interpretation of seismic data for the study of seismic attenuation laws

Gallicano, Lucca (Italy)

2016, Laser Scanner Survey – Gallicano Dam

Naples, Italy

2016, Seismic survey (Cross – Hole)

Bacino Carbonifero del Sulcis, Sardegna (Italy)

2016, Preliminary definition of the technical guidelines for the realization of deep (1500-2000m) and superficial (300m) perforations

Laterina, Arezzo (Italy)

2016, Hydro-geophysical investigations for the sustainable exploitation of the underground water resources

Incubatore di Cavriglia (AR) -Italy

2016, Research for the development of a multi-parameter airborne acquisition system using the “Radgyro” integrated system

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

2016, Geomechanical survey for “Al Dabb’iya Surface facilities” Project

Bibbona, Livorno (Italy)

2016, Identification of the qualitative features of the underground water resource in the eastern sector of the municipality of Bibbona and its sustainable exploitation

Firenze (Italy)

2015, Geophysical surveys with magnetometric methods for “war risk” analysis (“Oasi del Sacro Cuore”)

Cinisello Balsamo (Italy)

2015, GPR investigations for the underground services detection

Firenze, Fortezza da Basso (Italy)

2015, GPR surveys for the underground services detection and any anthropological structures of archaeological interest

Umbria Region (Italy)

2015, Creation of a Geodatabase related to the Geological Map of the Umbria Region at a scale of 1: 250.000 in the context of the ITALRAD project

Brazzaville (Congo Republic)

2015, Geophysical surveys (refraction seismic, HVSR and MASW) and geological survey for the italian “Kintélé” project

Siena (Italy)

2015, Non-invasive instrumental analysis (GPR) on the stone of the “Ponte di Romana” column

Massa (Italy)

2015, Topographic update using Terrestrial Laser Scanning survey

Lagonegro, Potenza (Italy)

2015, Execution of new pumping tests (well tests and slug-tests) at “Per Acuti Hospital”

Volterra, Pisa (Italy)

2014, Geoelectric surveys for the study of slope stability

Lagonegro, Potenza (Italy)

2014, Seismic refraction, Down-hole and hydrogeological investigations (well tests and slug-tests) for “Per Acuti Hospital”

Vasilikos (Cyprus)

2014, Dilatometric rock tests and site supervision in the geotechnical study of the port area

Pointe Noire (Congo Republic)

2014, Gamma-ray Log as part of the construction design of tanks at the Pointe Noire port

Consulate of USA, Firenze (Italy)

2014, GPR investigations for the search for underground services

Palma (Mozambique)

2014, Site supervision and execution of CPTu surveys